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Having a good website is a nice start, but it won’t necessarily get you ranked on the first page of Google. You need to do different things to get noticed and show Google you are a serious contender. Shaun Ellsworth of Ellsworth Marketing has been marketing online since 1996 and knows what needs to be done to get your website to rank online. Below are the Internet Marketing upgrades we offer for both standard and mobile websites:

This upgrade packages two of the most important upgrades for new sites together for a 50% discount! You get Business Listing Online and Blog Content Management upgrades – two for the price of one. This is a great way to get your new site found and recognized by the search engines. This discounted package is only available to new customers.

Business Listing Management
Optimize premium business listings with keywords and post on top business and directory pages. Google, bing, Yahoo, Localeze,, Best of the web, Hot Frog and others. After those listings are solid, we search for the business name and link to site 4-6 per month once premium links are established.

Blog Content Management
Post weekly blog posts with keyword optimized and unique blog content. Each week a new, custom, keyword optimized blog post will be posted to your site. This feature is included in the Gold hosting package.

Email Marketing
Create and post lead-generation form on the website. We create a free report to use as lead bait. Craft short series of automatic follow up messages. Includes one broadcast message sent per month when requested by client.

Paid Advertising
Create either Google Adwords campaign or Facebook advertising campaign. Optimize listings, ads and keywords, bringing the cost per click down over time. Price for management only. Advertising budget not included.

Social Media
Set up accounts and post weekly to Facebook and Twitter. Includes requested updates on LinkedIn. Includes one 30 second YouTube video. Goes well with the online video package, because we will add more videos to clients’ video channel.

Reputation Management
1) We monitor the Internet for clients’ business name and owner’s name. When we get a hit, we notify the client so they can take action. 2) We install and monitor a comment/ recommendation page on clients’ website to gather these recommendations. 3) Gather and post up to 4 reviews a month online from review postcards.

Online Video Marketing
We create videos for client’s business. We create a unique mix of video commercials, man on the street endorsements and slideshow videos and post monthly. The mix works something like this: 4 (2-3 minute) Owner Interviews that we shoot and edit. 4 (30 second – 1 minute) man on the street endorsements from video talent, 4 (30 second) slideshow videos.

As mentioned before, incoming links are one way search engines measure the rank of a site. To build these backlinks we create what we call a “Ring of Fire”. This consists of a “ring” of sites, all pointing to your site (and to each other). As we add more sites and the ring grows, more and more backlinks point to your site, increasing its ranking in the search engines.

Local Business Package
To improve your listing on the Google Local pages, a combination of two of our packages will do the trick. Reputation management and Business Listing, when combined will help your Google Places listing.

Upgrade Special
Pick any six upgrades and get them for the price of five. Many of these upgrades work together and support each other. Contact us and we can make suggestions of the 6 upgrades that would be most beneficial for your particular business. Contact us to specify your six upgrade package.

Mobile – Text Message Marketing (SMS)
You’ve seen ads that say, text “PIZZA” to 38637. The caller does and gets a coupon for a discounted pizza or a free soft drink. What happens next is the cool part: Our client captures the caller’s cell phone number and continues to market to them, sending coupons or special offers to drive traffic to the store/restaurant. Cell phone coupons are 10 times more likely to be used than paper coupons. Price for management only. Vendor and text messaging extra.

Mobile – Coupon Marketing
Online coupons are used 10 times more than paper coupons. Why? Because people always carry their smart phones with them. Immediate access means they are more likely to prompt consumer behavior.

Mobile – QR Code
QR codes bridge the gap between paper-based marketing and the Internet. Include a QR code in a newspsper ad and people can scan the code and be directed to your website. Very immediate marketing tactic.

Mobile – Paid Advertising
Reach people on their mobile phones, advertising when they are in your area. Advertise special deals, build your opt-in list, get leads, you name it, we can do it.

You will be able to purchase these upgrades as an addon service when you purchase your website. Contract is month-to-month. Only get the upgrade for as long ans it is working for you. Please be aware that most of these need to be applied at least three to six months or more to see significant results. Our data shows that websites of our customers that get at least one upgrade have significantly more traffic visit their site than those sites that don’t have an upgrade.