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These are the first of our “How to Use Your New Website” training videos. Others can be found on my Ellsworth Marketing website design blog.

Step One: How to Make a Post in WordPress

This is a basic introduction to your new web site. It shows how to make a post to your new site. This is the most common activity you will do.

Step Two: How to Create a Page in WordPress

This one goes over the difference between a post and a page. It then goes on to show how to create a page in WordPress.

Step Three: How to Set Post Time, Categories and Tags in WordPress

Did you know you can backdate posts? How about setting them up so they publish automatically in the future? You can do that and this video shows how. It also goes over what tags and categories are.

Step Four: How to Add a Photo to a Post in WordPress

Do you like pictures? I do. Websites that are only made up of text are boring. This video shows how to add photos to your web site and posts.

How to Create a PayPal button and add it to your WordPress website

This is a basic introduction creating a button in PayPal. We have been using PayPal to process our credit card transactions and recurring payments for years. this video shows how easy it is to set up a button and post it to your website.