Lake Arrowhead Brewfest

I have started donating my services to the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce for their fundraisers. One such fundraiser is the Brewfest, put on by the chamber of commerce and the local brewing club. I am working with Nolan on another project and he is in charge of brewfest. Nolan kindly offered to put the […]

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Tour De Lake Arrowhead

This is another Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce fund raiser website. The Tour de Lake Arrowhead is a bike ride with century and half century routes. There is another shorter cruise around the lake. This even is being put on my the Chamber and The Rim Recreation and Parks district. this is the first site […]

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Cantrell’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Kirk Avarell, the owner of Cantrell’s Heating and Air Conditioning has been a friend for many years. He finally decided to go from the Superpages website he had to one of our SEO webpages. We created a nice page for him. He also is getting the blog post/business listing upgrade and a […]

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IdeaBox Marketing

IdeaBox Marketing is a marketing consultancy. Barry Davis helps businesses understand what their marketing should be. He sits down with clients and goes over their business with a fine tooth comb. He has marketing ideas that help get any business’s name out to the public. Ellsworth Marketing […]

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MS Insurance Services

Robert of MS Insurance specializes in car insurance for Mexico for motorists going to Mexico. If you are planning a road trip to Mexico, don’t forget to get your insurance before you go. Robert provides insurance from two different providers so you can make sure you get the best deal for your […]

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Wyatt Candy – Cotton Candy

Red called me out of the blue one day as a referral and we have had a great relationship ever since. He makes Cotton Candy. In fact, he discovered how to bag cotton candy and preserve it so it can be shipped. You will have to read the story about that on the website. Well, […]

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Tax Avengers

Tax Avengers is a tax preparation and tax reconciliation specialist. When I was over there, talking about building the website, Dave, the owner told me about some of the incredible cases they have had (no details, of course). It is amazing what the IRS tries to get away with! Dave and his staff stop them […]

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Arrowhead Ranch

We built 3 websites for a local kid’s camp/event venue/cabin rental company, Arrowhead Ranch. The owner, Kathy Farley, understood that it is important to target her customers needs. As a result, we built 3 related websites with separate keyword lists that focus on her three businesses, kid’s science camp, cabin rental and […]

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Kadtec Engineering

This site has been through several incarnations. I have been working with Kadtec for many years. Bryant Bergeson, the owner is a mentor and good friend of mine and I am happy to help Kadtec any way I can. They are an engineering firm and they post pictures of their many different jobs online for […]

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Mountain Home Carpet Center

Mountain Home Carpet Center sells carpet (obviously) as well as tile, vinyl laminate flooring, hardwood flooring and window treatments. They are a one stop shop for beautifying your home. Melanie has decided to get a website after all these years, so it was important for us to create a nice […]

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Riverside Glass

I called Dianna many times before setting up an appointment to go see her to talk about creating a website for Riverside Glass. She was always busy. Even during our meeting, people were always coming through the door. If how busy a company is reflects the quality of their work, then […]

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American Septic

This was the first site we have done for a septic pumping company. It turned out really nice, I think, anyway. The owner is actually a geologic engineer with a Phd! Usually homeowners don’t need to know a lot about who pumps their septic tank, but there is some good information on the site and […]

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Venét Art

This website was an absolute pleasure to work on. I used the same theme as the hot rod site because it is an art site and very graphics heavy. Steve Venét is a poker painting artist. He actually started way back in his father’s Greek coffee shop, drawing pictures of the players with crayons. All […]

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RCE Motorsports

This was a really fun site to build. The client, Larry Hanson runs Riverside Carb and Electric. They are a mechanic shop specializing in Carb and Electric and now, muffler repair and custom muffler. I wanted to give them something really nice, so I had a friend who is a fantastic programmer, come up with […]

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Arrowhead Celebrations – Event Planning

Ann Washburn, a good friend of our family decided to start an event planning business recently. We jumped at the opportunity to help her because she has been a good friend for a long time. I used a new theme to create the site and it really works well with her business, because it is […]

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Classic Car Glass

This classic car glass site is another one we created for Reliable Auto Glass. This is a real cool site. Craig Schwartz of Reliable Auto Glass has many years of experience in the automotive glass industry, so in addition to repairing glass on normal cars, he has used his connections in the automotive glass industry […]

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RV Dual Pane Windows

We created two sites for Reliable Auto Glass recently. One was for RV Dual Pane Windows. Apparently, dual pane windows are a big thing in the RV world right now and they require custom installation. Craig Schwartz and the gang at Reliable Auto Glass go around the country, visiting RV expos, installing dual pane windows. […]

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Arrow Bail Bonds

Arrow Bail Bonds has been providing bail bonds in California since 1973. I spoke with Patti, the owner about their existing website and she decided they needed an upgrade. Bail Bond is a competitive niche, so we focused in having Arrow Bail Bond show up for their geographic location. There were quite a few locations […]

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Mattress Brothers

This is a site I built for a local Mattress Company called Mattress Brothers. It is owned and operated by, you guessed it, two brothers. I spoke with Glenn and he decided to give Ellsworth Marketing a try. Mattresses is a big niche, so we had a lot of great keywords to choose from. We […]

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Sierra Locksmith

This site was created for Ron Lee at Fontana Locksmith. Ron had his own site, but after I performed a free analysis, he decided that we could help him out and get more traffic for his business. His real problem is showing up in the Google “Lucky 7″. There are locksmiths from LA advertising out […]

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Mobile Pros Mobile Mechanic

This is a site we made for Kirby Lombard of Mobile Pros. Kirby is a mobile mechanic who works out of his van and home garage. He has top of the line equipment to do diagnostic and repair work on site. As I was writing the content, I realized what a convenience it would be […]

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Teacakes Yarnplay

This is a cute hobby website that we created for a friend of my wife’s. She knits and does crochet all the time. She is selling her products on etsy.com and at craft fairs and wanted a website where she can showcase her wares. The internet is new to her, but WordPress is so easy, […]

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A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape

Just finished another website for another great local business, A Plus Sprinkler and Landscape. Andy has been doing sprinkler repair and hardscape landscape design for 13 years and has 36 years in the industry. Most of his business comes from sprinkler repair right now, and he wanted a site […]

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Caplin Tax

This site was created for another tax preparer. My client, Ken Caplin is a tax preparer. He also does Financial planning. We might do a financial planning site soon, but he wanted to get this tax preparer website up first – during tax season. Ken does taxes in Orange, California. Ken is one of the […]

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A+ Tire and Services, Inc.

This is a recent site created for a tire and auto services location in San Bernardino, CA. The client gave us a printout of the vintage garage and we found the image in the library of congress image library, rights free. This is the first site where we include up to 5 pages of copy […]

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