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Ellsworth Marketing is a full-service Internet Marketing company. Need affordable website design? We’ve got you covered. Need a mobile website to augment your online marketing? Want to improve your ranking in the search engines? Great! Want to become an authority in your industry? Super! we can create information products that tout your expertise and videos that make you a celebrity.

Have ideas? Bring them. We can work with you to create just about anything online. Below are just a few of the special products and services we bring to the table. (909) 963-1380.

Website Design

We offer custom Wordpress websites with 5-pages. We can provide optimized content for you or you can provide your own and we will install it for you. Our goal is to make everything…


We have 3 packages of content based on the level of content the customer wants. We can also provide search engine optimized (SEO) content for existing websites.

Mobile Website Design

Did you know that by 2013, more people will search the Internet on their mobile phones than on PCs. If you want customers to find you, you will need a mobile optimized website.


We offer Basic and Premium hosting as well as Mobile hosting for mobile optimized websites

Business Listing Online

List and maintain listings on top 10 directory websites.

Blog Management

Post weekly blog posts with keyword optimized unique blog content

Lead Capture and Email Marketing

Gather leads from visitors to your site and communicate effectively with them

Paid Advertising

Set up Adwords (or) Facebook advertising campaign. Start with a $100 credit from Google.

Social Media

Create and monitor accounts on 5 social media sites

Reputation Management

Monitor business name, post recommendations and good reviews from your happy customers.

Online Video Marketing

Create and post video commercials online to YouTube, Meta Cafe and other video sharing sites.


Google uses incoming links to measure how popular your site is. We create several links for you every month.

Local Business Package

Reputation Management and Business Listing Package specifically to increase Google Places ranking for local businesses

SMS Marketing

Text message marketing. This upgrade for mobile website package puts your marketing message in the pocket of your potential customers.

Mobile Coupon Marketing

Mobile Coupon Marketing. Online coupons are used 10 times more than paper coupons because people always have their cell phone with them.

QR Code Program

QR codes are cutting edge marketing. They bridge the gap between standard hard-copy media and the Internet. We create QR codes and include them in your current marketing campaigns

Mobile Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on mobile networks. Show up first when people search online using their mobile phones

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Mobile Websites specifically for Real Estate Agents to create property listings, viewable by buyers from their smartphones.